• Putting the Service Back in Public Service

    As a veteran of the Vietnam War, I understand putting service above self. After over 40 years, what do my opponents have to show for it? They support a Senator who supported the gas tax, they voted for $18 million of our tax dollars to go to private busing in Lakewood, and they do not even have the decency to be honest about their record.

    I pledge that I am running for Assembly in order to serve the people of the 12th Legislative District. I will be available, I will be transparent, and my door will be open to any constituent with any concern, no matter how small they may think their issue may be.


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We are not asking for money from the millionaires and the billionaires, this is a grassroots campaign built by the people for the people. Can I count on you for a small contribution of $5, $10, or $25 to help us spread the word?

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Meet Gene Davis

Gene Davis is a Vietnam veteran who served in the US Navy and lifelong entrepreneur having most recently owned a own restaurant for over 20 years. He has served as a School Board member, Councilman, and Citizen’s Budget Advisory Committeeman. Davis earned his B.S. in Political Science from Kean University and resides in Jackson with his wife.